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Welcome to Holy Cross, Class of 2019!

May 3rd, 2015 mtdesa18

Hi there, everyone!

Friday was National Decision Day, when deposits and commitments are due to colleges around the country. This also means that the incoming Holy Cross class, the Class of 2019, is mostly assembled at this point.

Over the past month, I have had the opportunity to work with many members of this incoming class through my volunteer position with the Admissions Office Outreach Program. To the new Crusaders out there I would like to say that it has been a privilege getting to know you and that I look forward to seeing you on the Hill next year.

On the evening before the Accepted Students Open House, I joined four other current Holy Cross students, several Admissions Office members, and Dean Margaret Freije in welcoming out of town students at a reception at the Worcester Art Museum. It was great to attend the same event that I had attended a year earlier as an incoming student and to interact with students and their families in a very social environment. This reception not only highlighted a gem of Holy Cross’ hometown, the Worcester Art Museum, but also the diversity of Holy Cross students’ hometowns. There were current students from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago as well as new student families from Dallas, Atlanta, and Cincinnati.

Of course, the main event of the weekend was the Open House. On the day of the Open House, I cheered on new students as they arrived at the Hart Center, directed families around campus, and answered student questions as a member of a student panel. I excitedly discussed some of my favorite parts of my Holy Cross experience such as life in the residence halls, Montserrat, and the history department. I was thrilled to be asked many insightful questions by the new Crusaders, to hear one family thank me for the insights provided in this blog, and to hear one father exclaim “I love the enthusiasm!” after I responded to a question about my level of fondness for Montserrat with an energetic “Oh, I love Montserrat!”

Welcoming accepted students and their families at the Hart Center

Welcoming accepted students and their families at the Hart Center

Following the Open House, I also hosted a prospective incoming student for an overnight visit. This visit included socializing with other overnight guests, breakfast in Kimball, and two shadowed classes. My guest, John, and I connected over our shared love of Irish culture, history, and John Green books as well as our experiences in Christian Brothers’ high schools and Boy Scouts (we are both Eagle Scouts). I also hosted another guest, Jerome, the next night and I was able to take him to one of my favorite activities at Holy Cross, the resource hours of a Wheeler RA named Emily. Jerome, my friends, and I shared stories and laughs until the O’Kane clocktower’s hands had almost reached midnight. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to host the two student visits and even more excited to hear that both John and Jerome have now committed to attend Holy Cross!

Speaking of Admissions related happenings that thrilled me, I was recently hired as an Admissions Tour Guide! Starting next year, my Admissions outreach work will include showing prospective students and their families around my beautiful home on Mount Saint James while discussing my own experiences here, much as I do in this blog.

Thanks for reading, everyone! To new Crusaders and members of the Class of 2019 I would like to say: Welcome to our community! Welcome to our family! Welcome to Holy Cross!

Until next time, take care, everyone.


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