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March 21st, 2015 mtdesa18

Hi there, everyone!

Because I volunteer in the Admissions Office, I have a very up-to-date knowledge of the application schedule. I know, therefore, that admission decisions for the Class of 2019 were released yesterday. I would like to echo the sentiments of the latest Admissions Office blog post by both welcoming newly accepted students and congratulating everyone who applied to Holy Cross.

Several weeks ago, I talked about filling out my own applications as admission applicants finalized their own applications. Fittingly, I also received my application decisions in the past week. I am excited, humbled, and thankful to tell you all that I have been chosen as a Resident Assistant, Charles Carroll Fellow, and Alternate Summer Orientation Leader!

As the new RA of Mulledy 3 Central, I will have a chance to work with a hallway of first-year students next year. I will be assisting with my residents’ transition to the college while also planning community events for the residents of my hallway and the entire Mulledy building. I am good friends with the new Head Resident Assistant of Mulledy, one of my current RAs, and the rest of the incoming staff is full of familiar faces. Needless to say, I am looking forward to not only being an RA but having the opportunity to work with the new Mulledy staff. Hopefully, I will see some of you, dear readers, around Mulledy next year (in which case, please feel free to say “Hi!”).

As a Charles Carroll Fellow, I will be taking a seminar for advanced sophomore students on the role of authority in a democratic and free education system. The Carroll Program will also allow me to interact with scholars from both Holy Cross and other colleges. The other Carroll Fellows and I will also help plan a scholarly conference for next spring.

Lastly, I have been chosen as an Alternate Orientation Leader for Holy Cross’ Summer Gateways Orientation. Though there is no guarantee that I will be given a role during the actual orientation, I am considered to be part of the Orientation team. As a team, we are already preparing to welcome the just admitted members of the Class of 2019 in June. We have eight weekly trainings, with two already completed. The team is diverse, energetic, welcoming, and fully committed to making new Crusaders’ first experience on campus a great one.

To those new Crusaders, I again say congratulations and welcome to Holy Cross! See you on the Hill! To those attending other colleges, I wish you the best of luck as you embark on your college experiences.

Until next time, take care, everyone.


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