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Snowfalls and “Sledding”

January 26th, 2015 mtdesa18

Hi there, everyone!

Welcome back to the blog and welcome back from winter break!

Winter break is over and life on the Hill has resumed right where it left off beforehand. Well, almost. The new semester, of course, brings with it new classes, activities, and opportunities. My new professors are very personable and the first few classes have been engaging, interesting, and entertaining. For the “spring” semester I am taking an introductory anthropology course and a modern European history course in addition to my French and Montserrat classes which have carried over from last semester.

Memorial Plaza in the snow

Memorial Plaza in the snow


I say “spring” because winter seems to have arrived along with those returning at the conclusion of winter break. Over the weekend, the skies dropped several inches of snow down upon Worcester. For the first time, I got to see Holy Cross in its glistening white snow-covered winter splendor. Additionally, for the first time ever, one of my friends from Florida was able to experience and enjoy a snow storm. A smile of pure child-like joy adorned her face as she made her first snowman and went “sledding” for the first time.

Snow blankets the Holy Cross campus

Snow blankets the Holy Cross campus

I say “sledding” because no sleds were involved in our darting descents down the Mount St. James hillside. Lacking proper sleds but in no way lacking hills to sled on, several friends and I decided to use broken down boxes salvaged from the recycling as makeshift sleds. Surprisingly, the boxes not only worked as sleds but managed to do so with quite a bit of success. We managed to fit two people to a box on several rides and the boxes held together for over an hour of “sledding.” Alas, all good things must come to an end and I finished my final run down the hill sliding on the seat of my pants after my “sled” ripped in two.

My "sled" after its final slide.

My “sled” after its final slide

With a blizzard raging across New England over the next few days, even more snow is on the way. As I write, the snow has only started to fall but classes are already cancelled for tomorrow and students are being asked to stay in their residence halls. It looks like I will have lots of time for bonding with my fellow Wheeler residents and blogging over the next few days.

Maybe winter break is not over after all.

Until next time, bundle up and take care, everyone.


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