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First Few Weeks 2: Blog of Secrets

October 20th, 2014 mtdesa18

Hi, everyone!

Today, I will not actually revealing any deep dark Holy Cross secrets but will instead be answering questions that I am frequently asked while volunteering in the Admissions Office. Here goes:

What was your orientation like? We had a two day summer orientation and a fall orientation. I became very excited to start school after attending summer orientation, and I met many other students living in my residence hall at fall orientation. Both orientations mixed social activities and information sessions to welcome us into the Holy Cross community and prepare us for life at Holy Cross.

What types of events are there on campus to meet other students? In addition to general meet and greets there are Edge dances, “carnivals”, themed events sponsored by student organizations, and residence hall events (more on those soon). Many first-year students also participate in intramural sports or attend sports games and most meet other students through extracurricular activities.

How do you get used to all the stairs? Adjustment to the Holy Cross stairs is achieved through acceptance, perseverance, and the realization that the stairs are more intimidating than they are tiring. In addition, there are some useful shortcuts through buildings (Smith Hall is a life saver). As time goes on, I notice the stairs less and less.

How’s the food? General consensus is that new Kimball is an excellent college dining hall (even my mother says so). The recent renovation looks fantastic and added several made-to-order food stations. While I have found plenty of healthy vegetarian options to fit my dietary preferences, I have also treated myself to other tasty options such as smoothies from Cool Beans and blondies (my one true weakness).

Where do you study? Personally, I have found four favorite study spots at Holy Cross. Dinand Library and the Wheeler study room are two of my regular study spaces because they are comfortable, quiet, and located near my residence hall. On nice days, I also enjoy studying outside at the tables on the Hoval. However, my favorite study spot is Rehm Library, a small library often used for lectures that is architecturally beautiful and exceptionally quiet.

Rehm Library

Rehm Library, my favorite place to study

I hope this has helped answer some of your questions about life at Holy Cross.

Until next time, take care, everyone.


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