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First Few Weeks: Beginnings

October 16th, 2014 mtdesa18

Good morning, everyone!

My freshmen year at Holy Cross is off to a great beginning, and it is only one of the great beginnings that I have enjoyed since arriving on the Hill.

Another great beginning is the beginning of every day, and this is now among my favorite times because of my morning walk down through campus.

photo 1

Each morning, the first thing that I see upon waking is the O’Kane clock tower because my dorm room in Wheeler Hall faces out over campus. After descending several flights of stairs (a recurring theme at Holy Cross), I pass by the beautiful ivy covered walls of Wheeler as I make my way to Kimball Dining Hall for breakfast .

photo 3

Along the way, I see my two favorite views of the Holy Cross campus. The first is visible as soon as I round the corner of Dinand Library. The view of Dinand’s red brick walkway is flanked on either side by the O’Kane clock tower and the library’s own columned façade. On a clear morning, the sun accentuates the scene by rising behind Dinand, bathing the clock tower in golden light.

photo 2

My other favorite campus view is of the Fenwick Lawn, just above the final set of stairs to Kimball. Fenwick is a stunning building in its own right, complete with two towers, Commencement Porch, and an ivy covered exterior. When seen with a sunlit St. Joseph’s Chapel on the far side of the lawn, however, it is a view of almost unbelievable grandeur.

photo 4

All in all, this morning walk through campus is an excellent and beautiful beginning to my beginning days at Holy Cross.

Until next time, take care, everyone.


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